Hints and Tips for your Milford Sound day trip

Hints & Tips for your Milford Sound day trip from Queenstown

We would suggest taking a small backpack or carry bag on the bus for all those things you feel you may need.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It is a good idea to take a few layers of clothing as the temperature outside can vary. We would suggest a light jacket, warm top and hat for the brief outside excursions like the short walk to Mirror Lake and the Chasm. Also for out on the deck during the boat cruise.

Don't Forget

On your coach trip to Milford Sound take a bottle of water, some snacks. Carry some cash as we do stop at the shops in Te Anau, refreshments can also be bought on the boat. A light jacket is essential, there will be some incredible photo opportunities so don't forget your camera (you make need some spare batteries) or if you use your cell phone to take photographs, make sure it is charged, sunglasses and a hat are handy on the boat. And before you leave your accommodation, make sure your have your ticket. Keep an eye on the time as we leave quite early in the morning due to the distance to be travelled. Make sure you know where you are meeting the bus, and if it is not at your hotel, make sure you know where it is that you have to meet it, and how to get there.

The Bus

The luxury Milford Sound Select bus is custom made for this trip, it is cosy and comfortable with reclining seats and plenty of leg room. The road trip to Milford Sound from Queenstown takes 5 hours so bring along everything you need to be comfortable. Although the trip is very scenic, most visitors take advantage of the quiet and comfort of the bus on the way back to have a light nap.

The Stops

We have more photo and comfort stops than the other Milford Sound coach trip, so take advantage of this, hop out stretch your legs, take some pictures (the landscape is amazing), there is plenty of time, enjoy this unique opportunity. Take lots of photos, get someone to snap some pictures of you in the landscape, this is the trip of a lifetime, you want to return home with lots of memories of the trip. We also stop at Te Anau both on the way to Milford Sound and on the way back. On the way it is a great chance to grab some snacks and refreshments to take to Milford Sound (sorry no shops in Milford Sound), also any batteries etc. On the way back to Queenstown you can grab a coffee or having stretch before the long trip back.

The Road Trip is as Breathtaking as Milford Sound

It is a long way by road from Queenstown to Milford Sound. This is a bonus, as you will be constantly amazed at the countryside you travel through, it is the iconic New Zealand countryside you see in the movies and in the travel catalogues. What makes New Zealand road trips unique is the fact that the landscape changes all the time, one moment you are in rainforest, the next in rolling green farmland, then you are amongst rugged snow clad peaks. This concentrated variety of spectacular terrain is what has made New Zealand a favourite for film makers, they are able to film at a golden sand surf beach in the morning then on a glacier in the afternoon, or snow skiing in the morning and on a green golf course hours later.

More than drivers, passionate locals

Though having professional and responsible drivers is a fundamental requirement of Milford Sound Select, what we most pride ourselves in is the fact that the drivers are local experts and passionate about the environment they work in. They love this area and have immersed their lives in enjoying it, they know the details, the history, the stories, and enjoy nothing more than to share their enthusiasm with visitors. They are also good reliable 'blokes' who will look after you during your day with Milford Sound Select.

Lunch, snacks, refreshments

Most travellers order a lunch box with us for their trip to Milford Sound this is the easiest option and there is a vegetarian version. It would pay to take a few snacks and a bottle of water. We stop in Te Anau at the shops, here there are cafes, a supermarket and food shops where you can grab some snacks or refreshments. Sorry we can't have highly odourous food on the coach for obvious reasons. You can also buy food and refreshments on the boat.

Your fellow Travellers

Even though our coach numbers are kept relatively small, the trip to Milford Sound brings together visitors from all over the world for the same reason, introduce yourself, get to know them. The trip is a great way to make new friends, and the trip is always more enjoyable when you are able to share the experience. Take their photograph for them on their camera, share notes about your journey, get together back in Queenstown this is the joy of travel.

While the Milford Sound trip is Fresh in Your mind

Set aside some time when you get back to Queenstown to upload your pics to Facebook or email them to those back home who are waiting to hear about your experiences - you will have some amazing pictures and stories, retell them while they are fresh in your mind. Send your Milford Sound images or link to those new friends you met on the trip, it's a great way to say goodbye and hello again.

Using your cellphone or tablet

For a lot of the time on the Milford Sound road trip you will be out of cell phone range (you are in the wilderness). If you want to send any pictures or anything, and your phone has been working in Queenstown, you may have to wait until we return to send off those messages and snapshots. Be reassured that we do have a satellite phone on the coach for emergency calls in those areas without cellphone coverage.

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