Values, Visions And Goals

Lead By Example

The actions we display personify the values of Connectabus.

Empowering Others

We seek to understand the values, assumptions, and beliefs of those around us in order to empower them to understand and fulfill their potential and realize their aspirations. We promote and applaud the success of others in an egoless way, knowing that their success contributes to our own success.

Approach and Consistency

We are out and about and close to our people and our business. We display consistency in our messages and with our relationships. We always demonstrate empathy, fairness and respect when dealing with individuals.


Our communication is considered, timely, clear and consistent with the way in which we behave. In discussions we actively listen and seek to understand others point of view.

Decision Making

When making a decision we seek the ideas of others, add these to our own independent thoughts and apply sound judgment. Our decisions display a depth of knowledge in our area of expertise and reflect our long term horizons.


We display a bias for action as we set goals and focus on achieving them. We are relentless in their pursuit but also flexible enough to take different routes.

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