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Milford Sound Select is a small family owned and operated company. Our company is built on the belief that visitors to New Zealand want a high quality yet personal 'kiwi' experience.

Our small coach was designed to deliver this, our trips are designed to capture this ethic, and most importantly our drivers embody this philosophy. Professional, yet relaxed, very experienced and knowledgeable, and they love what they do.

Like most Kiwis, our drivers feel very connected to the land. For most New Zealanders their greatest pleasure is immersing themselves in the outdoors, 'getting out there and doing it.' And the setting doesn't get more spectacular than Queenstown, Milford Sound and the countryside in-between. This is a landscape full of stories, natural wonders, rich history and of course breathtaking views, why wouldn't our drivers be passionate about it. One of the high points of your Milford Sound Select trip will definitely be the the incredible background stories your driver can entertain you with on this once in a lifetime trip.

At Milford Sound Select we consider the guiding ability of our drivers as a key factor in their popularity (read the driver feedback we get on our TripAdvisor page). The bottom line being, where ever you go in the world, there is nothing like having a local who loves the place, show you around. You get so much more out of the experience.

In the case of a trip to Milford Sound it makes things a lot more relaxed and enjoyable if you don't have to 'drive'. In the context of a trip to Milford Sound, 'drive' is the correct word, this is an epic motoring expedition, from Queenstown to Milford Sound is at least 10 hours driving for the return trip. The road is as spectacular as the destination, however, it is a 'wilderness' highway in the best sense of the word, nature is in charge on this dramatic stretch of road that took decades to build. When you are travelling over (and under) mountains in conditions ranging from freezing alpine environments to torrential rainforest valleys, familiarity with the road definitely makes all the difference. The Milford Sound Select gives you the ability to sit back and take in the spectacular and dramatic grandeur of the landscape knowing that you are in good hands.

Our drivers will ensure that your Milford Sound is one of the best things you will ever do - they are incredible people as you will find out.

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