Milford Sound Nature At Its Best

Rudyard Kipling described Milford Sound as the eighth wonder of the world.

Milford Sound is located in the exotic Fiordland region of New Zealand. It is surrounded by two peaks; The Elephant and the Lion Mountain. The awesome closeness of the sea, mountains and the beautiful rain forests gives it an indescribable beauty, along with the penguins, seals and dolphins there.

You may have heard that unlike most day trips, a day trip to Milford Sound is even better when it's wet and rainy. It’s not unusual either as Milford Sound is known as the wettest inhabited place in New Zealand and one of the wettest in the world.

However, when it rains, the rainfall makes hundreds of waterfalls, some of which can drop many thousands of metres from the hanging valleys into the Sound below. Other smaller waterfalls simply drift away on the wind and help to create an atmosphere, which the whimsical may think as a mysterious almost unnerving, misty eeriness.

So whether you experience Milford Sound in wet or dry weather, you should be ready with your camera for:
  • Mitre Peak, the majestic peak of Milford Sound which towers over the water.
  • Elephant Peak and Lion Mountain said to resemble an elephant's head and the shape of a crouching lion
  • Seals, penguins and dolphins who are frequent visitors to the Sound.

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